Content Marketing – What doodle has to do with small Businesses

Sunni Brown’s book Doodle Revolution, describes a perfect approach of visual thinking, showing how everyone can tap into their creative side by the power of doodling. Creative thinkers such as Steve Jobs, Einstein and Tesla have used doodle as tools for creating new ideas. Most business owners have forgotten their creative side when creating Marketing Plan for their small business. This books covers most of what you should know about Doodle for your small business marketing plan.

Visual thinking enhances content creators creativity and ideas

In this book Doodle Revolution Brown addresses both reasons for doodling is overlooked as a creative tool. When hearing the word Doodle, the frequent heard objection is “I can’t draw”. Brown then provides a capsule course in the anatomy of a doodle, showing the basic hand drawing objects and text, each chapter has an exercise and assessment to help the readers build their confidence and familiarize themselves in the simple story building graphic.

Before we move on, what is Doodle exactly? A Wikipedia definition; Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning.

According to studies; Published in Scientific Journal, Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling aid a person’s memory by expending just enough energy to keep one from daydreaming which demands a lot of brain’s processing powers.

Researches on doodle are now focus to Study on writer’s subconscious and productive mind.

Source : Wikipedia Doodle

So why does doodling matter for small business?

Here is a great article to explain this matter.

Doodling is not habit you need to break, in fact doodling is important to keep the creative side of your brain active during the day. Whenever you look at a notebook or journal from any intellectual or hard-core creative you see doodle, there is a reason for that, says Sunni Brown.

Our highly visual brains process more information through visual contents, visual presentations, this has been proven correct throughout many years. Whenever a marketer present a new idea to the company, a presentation through huge white note pad or even slide share is always a better way to present your ideas than just sit and explain in words.

Visual presentations, doodling keeps our mind occupied and more focused and opens up to greater insights, better information retention or higher concentration. Brown’s mission – she calls it “manifesto”, doodling can revolutionize the way we think and learn cooperating visual learning through doodling.

If you have not noticed that even Google, Dell, Samsung and many other huge companies out there are doodling to get their marketers attention, they show off their marketing techniques through visual form of advertisement. Here is a sample video online

You don’t need to be a great artist to start your Doodle project on your  marketing plan, creativity is the most essential tool in marketing plan. You think differently and unique marketing strategies are applied  to your small business, soon people will recognize your point and will appreciate your uniqueness in visual marketing.

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