Getting started with your business through Instagram


Taking snapshots is made easy with the latest gadgets such as ipads and smart phones.  Using good application could turn our simple snapshot to a professional- looking one and this made instagram or commonly know as IG popular.

Instagram’s rapid growth of popularity to users all over the globe quickly evolved to a better purpose; from an ordinary medium of your daily mini photo blog to an income generator as a medium for advertisement and even more, for selling. In lieu with this, i have taken some points to help you increase target audience:

  1. Choosing proper IG name

Instagram name/ username is a vital requirement to start an account. In choosing one, you should always consider if is it apt for the page’s content? According to Marketing studies, always create a name that is concise, pronounced easily and have high memory retention.  Though IG gives the user a freedom to change username, it is still highly recommended to stick onto one for easy search.

  1. Short description

Provide short description of your page. What you offer, your interests or probably a short background of what your followers could expect in the days to come.

  1. Posting of Quality Photos

Instagram users tend to be more inspired with photos shared in good quality and this lead them clicking on that follow button. Despite instagram offers several filters to choose from, it is still best to download good mobile photo editing application. Uploading photos in Instagram is very handy as it could be done using your smartphones anytime, anywhere.

  1. Page’s theme

How would you go about your theme? Who are your target audience? These are some of the factors you need to consider before you start your page’s theme. The content of your page must focus on who are the target audience that you would like to entice to view and follow your page. You must be mindful of your post; the content must be consistent whether it be for food, clothing, office supplies, places and even events.

  1. Proper Hashtags for promotion

One perfect function of instagram is the hashtag; this function compiles your posts using a unique hashtag and share to users in the same interest. Hence, this could help your promotion go viral.

  1. Increase Followers

There are different ways to increase your followers; however, lately it is becoming a trend to throw out giveaways to promote their page. Iit is clear that having more followers is two steps closer of possibly reaching your target audience.

Overall, Instagram is preferably used over other social media as this is linked to big social media sites. Furthermore, using so, helps mitigate expense for shop rentals, advertisement fees and even web hosting charges.  This also comes handy as it is accessible through our mobile phones. It very ideal for product launching, product advertisements, releasing new product line/items, sale announcements, giveaways and event promotions by simply sharing or tagging the photo advertisement to their network of followers both locally and internationally.

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