Social media marketing: The 5 principles of social brands

Social media has changed the marketing landscape so fast that small business is struggling to adapt social media tactics and strategies. What might have worked a few months back is becoming less and less effective. So here some key elements you need to keep in mind to succeed on social media:

Publish and promote


Social media involves publishing on real time, to publish and promote your products and services you have to start with shareable and compelling headlines. When in regards to content, planning what to publish next week and what is on the trending wagon right now could no longer be trending next week. Therefore the means to respond to complaints, issues and inquiries should be done right away. With this on your daily routine it will be easier for you to compost a content that is much more related to your current issues.

People are no longer interested in content promotions, people on social media are looking for more educational and informative contents that will help or sort out issues with a certain products or services.

Do not sell or market instead entertain and educate

As mentioned above selling and marketing your products excessively will no longer attract potential customers, people know what they are looking for when searching online for products to buy. Instead you need to change your strategy of being a promoter to educator. Becoming an expert in your field will let you gain more trust among your potential customers and your brand will begin to increase its credibility and uniqueness. Giving information away for free is another way to provide information that meets your potential client’s needs.

Target your niche and show your passion for your Company

Social media marketing is about sharing your passion and interest to your network, if you are not motivated and passionate over your niche it will show. Fans will find you and share you to their community, on twitter you need to follow people in your niche and on Facebook you can target demographics including roles interest and geography. Remember to listen to your clients and they will tell you want they want what solutions they need and you can determine how you can creatively give them the solutions they are looking for.

The viral EFFECT

There are reasons why social media have a tremendous capacity to be effective. If you want to enjoy the benefits of viral marketing you need to incorporate social media to your internet marketing strategy. Here are few powerful benefits of this type of online marketing includes;

  1. Sheer number – A majority of consumers activity participates in social networking activities on daily basis
  2. Speed – information shared on social media tends to travel from person to person very quickly
  3. Captive Audience – people who participate in social networking sites are there because they choose to be there and they are looking for information
  4. Information seeking – people who are active on social media tends to utilize the sites and groups participate in resources giving and receiving information, social networkers who find useful information tends to share it with their online contacts and they are also looking for tips and suggestions from every individual in their social network.
  5. Online exposures – Social media marketing is relatively new  and powerful marketing tool and it involves increasing a website online exposure

Online reputation and online content


Online reputation is much more than being on social media and engaging with your social network. Online reputation is about giving out information for free, creating informative and unique contents. Social content has these principles:

  1. Valuable
  2. Educational
  3. Actionable
  4. Relevant
  5. Trust worthy

Social content needs to provide value and encourage action, it has to make your target audience engage and interact.

  1. Make customers feel special
  2. Tell compelling stories
  3. Help customers through content
  4. Be authentic
  5. Use multiple channels

Engagement is about connecting with your potential customers in ways that your competitors were never able to do before.




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