The dramatic impact of Google algorithm update on small business websites

With the new Google algorithm updates, the Penguin and Panda are not considered penalties but a helpful tool that each marketers or Small Business owners can rely on when ranking their website on the internet. Google algorithm can give a dramatic impact on small business website or even large companies websites SEO performance. The use of automatic back links can give your website penalties and this kind of penalties can be very costly. Here are some ways to make you understand Google algorithm updates, so you can give your website the best ranking on the internet.

What is the new Update Google Panda 4.0?


Google Panda 4.0 is designed to identify and weed out low quality websites, its purpose is to improve Google results that is legitimate and higher quality website rank on top. The 4th version of Google Panda is to aim further on penalized websites filled with poor contents. The thing that makes Panda significant is that it was launched with Google’s Payday Loan 2.0 update, which targets spammy queries.

It is still too early to tell which major website are suffering from the Google Panda 4.0, while some of the biggest affected website are,,,, and, these websites has lost around 80% of its organic rankings. So the question is with the Panda 4.0 update will Small business stand a change?

Does Small business stand a chance with Google Panda 4.0


Some small business have reported ranking drop on their websites, although Panda is still at its rollout stage. So far there have been some reports revealing to having been hit by with a fatal combination of ranking drop and financial losses.

What should small business do?

Unfortunately there is not much to do at this point for Small business, currently the best course of action would be is to keep an eye on your web analytics and start a new marketing plan that would bring you more organic links and release great and unique contents. You should also stay up to date with how it will affect small business website in a couple of weeks.

You might also want to take a look at 10 Google Analytics Tools Your Business Should Be Using from Business News Daily.



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