Which social media platform fits your business

It is great that you are on every trending social media sites, but do you know if you business does fit in there? Social media is a great place for your business but to find out which social media site works best for you and your business you should stick to that. Research recommends treating social media with opportunities and potential tool to gain more online visibility, branding and new clients. Here are some few notes on how you can define which social media platform fits your business best.


Facebook for Business

Facebook is for Business to consumer product or storefront. You would want your business on Facebook if you want to gain wide social media audience, and use Facebook as customer service tool to respond to comments and questions from your clients.

Fact; Most product driven companies need presence on Facebook

Twitter for Business

Same as Facebook, twitter is also great for Business to consumer product or storefront, twitter also works well with Business to Business company where you can share news, events, contents and products.

Fact : Twitter is a great tool creating conversation about events, webinars and blog post.

Google + for Business

No matter what type of business you have, YOU SHOULD BE ON GOOGLE +, no questions ask. Google Business page is absolute must for your SEO. Your Business name and description should be clear and placed correctly to rank higher on Google Search engine. Along with Google+ comes a wide range of possibilities to create events, webinars through hang out, video sharing via YouTube, blogpost automated share to Google+ and you also have a chance to catch up with clients through Google Chat or hangout. Google+ has ultimate features that every type of business can use.

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is mostly for Business to business service, LinkedIn is also used to recruit new employees. Nevertheless LinkedIn offers blog posts sharing and expertise sharing through group and community shares. Professionals use Linkedin as online biography, as a business owner you must have a detailed information on LinkedIn which can be viewed by the public. LinkedIn is a trusted site for recommendation and expertise presentation.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is more female demographic, this is a great place for business which target audience are females. Pinterest os visually appealing, you could have a board for your products and services.

Facts: Pinterest is more ideal for businesses like, dress designers, crafters, recipes or restaurant business and travelers. If you manage your pinterest account carefully, you can drive more traffic into your website from Pinning images from your website to your pinterest account.

Instagram for Business

You need instagram if your target audience are young and you are willing to share your products from your mobile phone into your instagram account. Pinterest is for Business to consumer service, which is also used if you have a type of business with wide range of different products which you can creatively share on Instagram.

Facts: You must be willing to spend time taking pictures of your products and services and share them on isntagram using multiple image editor apps.

Youtube for Business

Youtube can be a great tool to visually show your target audience about your products and services or share online tutorial through YouTube.

Fact:  You must be willing to create constant video production



Are you in charge of your social media marketing?  To shift from clutter you must know which social media platform works best for your business and where you are able to gain more visibility and clients. Social media presents great opportunities but you must know where your business fit in to gain the success on social media.




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