Here is how you can drive more traffic to your business website

The internet is a crowded place, according to the latest research there are more than 2.5 Billion internet users which is about 37% of the world’s population. And the websites are also rapidly growing onto one billion. That is crowded and how will you ever stand out with your business blog? So your question is how will you start increasing traffic to your blog? How do you invest time, effort and resources? Here below are the simple steps on how to increase or drive more traffic to your website.

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Building business and personal assets

There are 3 areas you need to set your focus on to get your target markets attention, grow your brand awareness and succeed on emerging the internet world.

Media marketing was in the old days about, newspaper ads, radio and TV, now its Podcasts, blog, social media, and info graphics, paid adverts, YouTube channels, eBooks and a lot more. Some business wants to be everywhere so they choose to have both offline and online marketing campaign.

Your Business website is not just about products and services and what else you have to offer to your niche market, it also means content which includes eBooks, presentation, images and a lot more. To own your spot on the internet you need to exert a lot of effort on your online marketing campaign. Free marketing methods are very tempting yet will not give you the results that you aim for.

Paying to advertise on social media is very important part of driving more traffic to your blog, for personal brand Facebook page and blog could be all that you need. But if you are really serious onto internet and brand awareness, investing on online adverts should be part of your goal.

Earn the attention you want

Earned attention online takes time and needs maintenance; it should be earned through these 3 basic areas:

  1. Social Media – building brand awareness can be or should also be done on social media, it gives you the ability to connect with your target clients and engage. This is also a place where you can share your content and brand. This is one of the most powerful tool for brand awareness and this should not be overlooked. IF you do not have the time to constantly be on social media sites, hiring or outsourcing online marketer is your best option.
  2. Search Engine – you need to earn the right to be placed on the first page of Google through optimizing your website, content, researching deeper with your keywords and phrased to accelerate the traffic you want. Get Google Analytics or better yet hire SEO company to do the job for you, it might be expensive but it will be worth it.
  3. Email – email is part of personal marketing,  people need to contact you and you need to contact them personally and not through cheap automated response software. Email is a very personal connection between you and your target client.



If you want to build organic and earned traffic to your website, effort and time is needed to achieve your goal. Everyone needs traffic to their website, if you do not have enough traffic your business can be buried under your competitors who have invested on online and offline marketing campaigns. Use the free resources you have online but do not be too comfortable with them, always search for new ideas and determine your overall budget for your marketing campaign.


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