Content marketing – Develop a basic content plan

Whether you just started exploring the world of content marketing, looking for the right content marketing plan for your Small business is not tough. Success at Blogging or content marketing depends on a lot of things: first fresh and relevant contents to create, technical, design and time. Here are some few tips to help you succeed on your Content Marketing.

Develop a content marketing strategy

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Always determine your content according to the interest and relevant topics your audiences are interest in. Define your content marketing goal, generating leads, build brand awareness, increase sales or informing your target marketing about your industry expertise. These are the main goal when starting content marketing.

You start with these basic questions when creating website content.

  1. What kind of content interests your audience
  2. Would your content be discussable
  3. Should be engaging
  4. What do you want to avoid doing on the blog
  5. Will you share facts to support your content?

Content resources


  1. Niche – it is always best to be consistent on your topics, write about what you know best and use your website content as a forum place where your audience can discuss your topic.
  2. Consistency – It is important that you are also consistent with your writing style and tone.
  3. Tracking your key performance – you can track your key performance through number of shares to social media, comments, views and leads. Your blog marketing metrics can serve as a guideline for you of which topics are most suited for your audience.

Technical details

You want your blog to be a place to look for great contents about a certain topic, but do not underestimate the role of your website design, structure and overall reader experience. These 3 basic things play a huge role in content marketing strategy.

  1. Create response website design – make your content look good on all types of devices and Browser.
  2. Customized 404 – Do not settle for default 404 error page, customize it, so your audience know what to do from there.
  3. Popular posts section – Give your audience a peak of your most popular posts, it is good for your SEO as to making your clients stay longer on your website.
  4. Include personal touch – create an author box with authors bio and head shot, it is always nice to see the person who writes awesome contents.
  5. Spam – Avoid spammy comments, add comment box safe from spams like DISQUS or ASKIMET.



If you want your contents to show up on Google search engine, consider preparing yourself for SEO.  Create primary keywords list, tags and meta tags for your contents. Settle for keywords phrases that have low competitor range. Use Googles keywords list and choose the keywords with low competition, which will make it easier for your content to be found on Google. When attaching image to your blog posts, include keywords or photo caption with your Blog post URL. Do not forget to add meta description of around 150 character use common words such find out, learn how, how to, what to, when etc. Spread your content across the interest using social media, PR, bookmark and do not forget to encourage sharing.



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