Logo creation – how to get the most out of your corporate logo

A company’s logo is more than just image and slogan, logo stands for something. It stands for who you are, what your company is all about and its value and goals. If you are starting a small business, getting a corporate logo is a must. Here are some few ideas on how to choose the right Logo for your Small business, Enjoy!


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Determine the primary function of your Logo; a logo represents your brand through the use of shapes, color, fonts and image. It is therefore important that you determine the design you want for your Logo to represent your company.

  • Memorability – most people shop with their eyes, visual attraction mean that logos are easier to remember than text, name and products. Overtime your potential client will come to associate with your Logo and knows by seconds what it means and what you can offer.
  • Recognition – Is your company new to the market? And are there lots of competitors out there? Having a strong Logo will help your potential client recognize your brand easily.
  • Trust – Get a solid logo that represents honesty and integrity.
  • Admiration – Logo will also help give your potential client a good impression about your products and services, create a logo that is well-regarded for its look and simplicity.

Think of your target market


It is important to determine who your client is and customize your logo according to their interest or that would appeal interesting. For example if you a have a flower shop, you can incorporate light s=color scheme. However these colors might not work for repair shop. If you have a law firm, you have to choose colors that represent strength and integrity.

Company’s name and Logo


If you want to build name recognition for your business off course you need to add your business name into your Logo or by making it a part of your Logo. But do not include the name if it is too generic or too long. Think of different ways to plan your Logo, will your name be visible if your Logo was small or would it be readable.

Colors and scheme


If your company has already established the use of certain colors on your marketing materials or advertisement, you must try to see if the color scheme can be used or you need to think of new color scheme for your company and stick to that.

Consistent use of colors will help build familiarity for your potential clients, your client will be able to mentally link the colors to your company image. If you have not yet used or decided upon color and scheme for your company, you can do some research on the psychology of colors so you can choose appropriately?



When designing a logo for your company it is important that you do not carried away with too much graphic or colors, clutter and confusion may arise and potential client may easily lose interest in knowing what your products and services are.


Let us help you determine the best logo for your company by giving you multiple mock ups, where you can choose from one after the other or suggest the changes that needed to be done until you are fully satisfied. Let us know your company’s goal and values and we are 100% that we can create something you would like.

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