How to -Manage your Facebook business page

There are over 1 billion users on facebook and facebook is on the top of all social media platform. So whatever business you are running now, you can always find your target audience on Facebook. But unlike other social media sites, building your audience on Facebook can be a little tricky.

It all start with your website


When you have a facebook page, it is important that you include like button or like box to your website. It is easier for your current and new customers to like your page without leaving your website. This is a great move to keep your visitors on your website and give them a reason to come back later. You can either choose the like button or like box either way, it is a great plus for making your customers remember you.

Add your page to your personal profile


Likes from family and friends is where your business page really starts, include your page on your personal profile. You can do that by adding a link under you Work and Education section remember to make that part public.

You can also make a dropdown view to select and like, you can do that from your about section and add your business facebook page as your employer. Once you are done you can go to profile page and hover over your business name you should be able to see a popup for your Business page.

Now, all you need to do is to invite your friends to your Business page, there will be a notification for them that you have asked them to like your page. Now that is instant likes from friends and family.

Now let’s get to Business


While your business page is all updated with complete information and details, your page won’t grow by itself. It is therefore important to invest on Facebook advertising. Start with a Get more Likes campaign, make sure that you add complete details of your target audience. Your goal is not only to gain massive likes but to attract your target audience to your page.


Select the build audience from your admin panel, choose your target audience geographically, by gender or by age.

Once you have set that up, you can add your facebook page to your google analytics, you can see how growth benefits your business.


What to avoid on your business page


Whether our goal with your Business facebook page, is to increase sales, interact with your customers or build brand awareness you will need to keep in mind that strategy is still the key to success on facebook. So here are the things you need not to do on your business page to scare away your target clients.

  1. Too selfish – always offer value to your fans, combine a mix of content sharing, image, humor, product tips and sales events.
  2. Over using image sharing – your page is a great place to show off your products and services, instead of overwhelming you fans with product images, try to mix it up with photos of happy and satisfied customers. It makes the fans easier to tag you on a photo of them and your product and services.
  3. Avoid long posts – people like straight forward messages, avoid posting too lengthy posts. Facebook is not a blog, keep your posts interesting and enticing.
  4. Lack of Focus on your fans – every now and then try as much as you can to interact with your customers, actually not every now and then it should be done a couple of times during the day.
  5. Too much business talk – try to act like a friend instead of a business man trying to sell products and services, instead be a friend to give out tips and guide for your fans.




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One thought on “How to -Manage your Facebook business page

  1. One thing I’m finding that works well is to invite people who share a common business type with you to be your friend. Then you can invite them to like your page directly. This opens up some additional audiences for your posting.

    – Kenneth with

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