How important is it to have a mobile website

There is no question, mobile devices has taken over the Internet Search. 57% of Smart phones search for Local businesses on their device and even make a purchase using their Smart phones and tablets. This has become a huge challenge for Small Businesses to compete with.

Why should you have a mobile friendly website or Mobile stand-alone website?


  1. The era of Smart phones

Smart phones has been affordable for the last few years, almost everyone has a smart phone with the ability to browse on internet, share life experience to social media platforms etc. According to studies 40% of mobile users use it to browse for products, services and opens their email more than once in a day.

  1. Mobile browsing

Because mobile screens are a lot different than computer screens, the website itself has to be adjusted accordingly. It is a cheap process and does not consume much time. If you already have a website for your small business, this means that it will only take a minimal work to make a mobile website.

  1. Compatibility

People love to browse while travelling to work or from work, while waiting at a restaurant or café. As you can imagine there are lots of different mobile devices. Some businesses such as e-commerce uses an alternative option such as mobile app, which can be downloaded to suite the device platform. Which is an expensive alternative, but for e-commerce website this is a great deal as the customers can easily navigate from one product to another and easily check out items and pay right from their devices.



By creating a mobile website for your Small Business today, you are placing yourself directly above your competitors. When Mobile traffic is at such a high level, (77% consumers used mobile to access internet) and consumer satisfaction is the key to building success in your business. By integrating mobile version to your website, you are giving your consumers and yourself an easier way to browse your website and give them a pleasant experience which they will eventually share with their network.


The sooner you get a mobile website the better your page rank will be, and the better your online visibility will be. Which overall means more sales, more customers and increasing revenue.


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