Marketing Plan – How to Enhance your Offline and Online Marketing Tactics

Strategies may come and go and whatever new would come along we wish to grab it the fastest possible. That is how serious online marketers would want to kick up a notch; competency is even tighter so there is the need to update.  Tips to enhance offline and marketing tactics are definitely a good way to be ahead against others. This may already be included in your marketing plan but let us grasp some inclusions to fully understand this concept.


Gain social Influences and find its circles

Social proof

We have heard it many times but what we fail to know is that social media marketing is actually about the people and not the all sorts of technical skills. This is likely the getting to know you phase we had back in preschool days.

  • We need to be socially acceptable to gain friends and to feel empowered even to early stages in our lives.  This can be applied in social media marketing, setting social influence to be able to walk with circles where your prospects may be.
  • It has to be started in your own walls; creating client-friendly social media accounts will give you the reach.


List down prospects you need to Target


Given that social media marketing have massive platforms these days, it is easier to expand your reach but the quest is how you can be heard and seen – efficiently.

  • Facebook is too popular to consider but yes it remains to be the most powerful social media platform. For small businesses with limited financial resources you can subscribe to free promotional features that Facebook has such as creating your official Facebook page. Consistently posting will give tremendous results, right titles and subtitles must be performed in order to be noticed.
  • Email marketing can also be applied here with precise research you’ll find list of prospects that would probably need your products and services. Customized email marketing will help you contact them in a professional manner.


Posts: Events in Real Time – Trendsetting


There is nothing more relatable than posts with context of real time events. This has been a proven effective marketing plan wherein you can give solutions and offers to prospects that may be suffering from real time issues.

  • Interesting posts that comes with factual situation will give an impression of credibility towards your small business. Posting with subject matter relatable for many people will be able to increase social engagement.



Although we could come up with limitless possibilities to be listed in the marketing plan, still those should be measured. How to attain these above mentioned strategies can be learn through researching but measuring its market’s response is a personal responsibility. No matter how broad and specific your marketing strategies are – without close interaction to implementation it wouldn’t be possible to manage a long-term successful small business independently.


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