Money saver Holiday shopping tips

Christmas is a big event; it can be really stressful when it comes to shopping for gifts. Are you making list and checking it twice? To find out if you have the right budget or not? Christmas can be tough, full of headaches and pain the wallet or credit card. But if you really want to achieve on buying all the listed things on your Christmas shopping list you need to create a plan.

Survival shopping tips

christmas-shopping (1)

Here are some tips to follow to survive the Holiday shopping without busting your financial budget.

  1. Make a list

Write down the people you want to give gifts to, and list down the things you want to get them. No matter how small the gift may be, remember it’s the thought that counts.  List the total amount you want to spend for Christmas gifts. Start browsing the interest for Christmas promotions, get ideas from Pinterest and other social networking sites.

  1. Start early

Start your shopping early and remember the big promotional days or sales day, like Thanksgiving sale, 12 days before Christmas sale, or Christmas countdown sale. To avoid street make a goal that everyday you have purchased one of the things you have listed on your list.

  1. Do an online research

List down the sites that has great deals, keep yourself updated with the promos they have for the Holidays. Make sure that you review the site and check the liability of the company through . You can also check out for more products on sale.


Smart holiday shopping guide

Christmas-Shopping (2)

It is truly important that you act smart if you want to spend a lot of money this Christmas, some people prefer online deals rather than fighting the crowd on local stores. It will also help  control your shopping urge and stay on your budget.

  1. Develop a plan attack

If you really want to check physical stores for package deals and Christmas sales, plan your day when to visit the place, know when the store opens and which must-have items each store has.

  1. Know the store policies
  2. Bring the brochure with you it will be useful for price matching
  3. Save the receipts you will need that later for exchanged item or money back
  4. Look for discounts and coupons ahead of time this is a really big saver
  5. Compare prices online
  6. Pre-pay – it is easy to stretch out from our Christmas budget if you let your shopping urge to take over the next thing you know you are $200 to $500 dollars over your budget.  Try to control your spending this Christmas by getting a special Visa reward card instead and load it to the amount you intend to spend for your Christmas gifts.
  7. Take advantage of Cyber Monday you can find cyber Monday sales through
  8. Last minute shopping – if you shop online make sure that they offer affordable shipping cost or free shipping during holidays, there are over 1000 online store which offers free shipping from an x amount of purchase and free gift wrapping.
  9. Do it yourself – if possible gather ideas for DIY gifts online for your office exchanging gifts or other related Christmas events.




Whether you are on a tight budget or not, Christmas is about giving and it does not mean that you have spend hundreds of dollars to make your loved ones special. Always keep in my mind it is the thought that counts and as long as you are giving it from your heart your loved will appreciate the gifts and effort you have put into it.







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