A glance of your marketing plan for the holidays

Christmas is the most lucrative time of the year, where many creative marketing campaigns are approaching to attract sales. As early as mid November small business to big brands are already preparing their holiday campaigns, from promos to huge discounts. Christmas is a huge opportunity for businesses to sell more products; everyone is looking for the perfect gift to give to their loved ones. Therefore strategic marketing plan is a must to ensure your revenue these holidays.

Marketing plan worksheet


If you have already brainstormed for your strategic marketing plan and pushed through with your Christmas marketing campaign, you then you deserve to relax and enjoy the ride of increasing revenue. If you do not have a game plan just yet, there is still time to start your Christmas marketing campaign now. You need to act fast to be able to celebrate your sales later on.

3 main elements that you should include on your marketing plan for the Holidays

1.       Value

This is the time of the year to make your loyal customer feel extra special. Reward your customers with discount cards, vouchers and free items. Customers also like to see high value during Holidays, make sure that your offers reflect high value. When you make some promotions on your products, it is not enough to give 10% or 20% discounts on your selected items, Christmas shopper responds more for big discounts, bundles, packages and BOGO deals. Your promotions on Christmas should be aggressive, bundle promos are great way to show value to your customers without giving away the real discount.

2.       Grab their attention

With Christmas campaigns all over, do not be afraid to push through with bold campaign, the perfect time to create bold campaign is through unique deals, promotions and discounts. You want your customers to buy NOW. So you need to create a sense of urgency for them by putting up the word LIMITED OFFER or put a clear end date to your promotions.

3.       Website redesign

The main attraction is on your marketing campaign, image and product images, but do not leave your website behind, this is where your customers will visit if they are interested in your offers. Make sure that you have redesigned your website with the Christmas themes, promo on the front page and lots of gifts ideas as well. You can read more about Christmas website redesigning for small business here


Holiday social media plan for small business


If you already have a good place on social media sites, then it will be easier for you to run a Christmas promotions on your social accounts and gain more visibility. For a social business to be successful on social media, it is important to have a good plan for each platform as they have different features as well as advantage and disadvantages when marketing your business.

Here are few tips for your social media marketing during holidays.

1.       Be in the Christmas spirit

Christmas is celebrated all over the world; it is a very emotional event for some and a merry event for some, when promoting your products on social media you need to be sensitive and direct. Consider changing your brand name that is related to Christmas, such as Product name gift ideas, Product name for men, Product name gifts for women, etc. the Christmas, gift, presents, Holidays are likely to be trendy on social media as the Christmas arrives. Take use of these words while you can.

2.       Leverage Connections

Social media is the place where shoppers ask for product advice, review and referral, make sure that you have a good reputation online. Remember the social media connections you have this will be a great opportunity to drive more sales, you can also connect with their sets of followers, friends etc.

3.       Holiday marketing budget

Do not make the same common mistakes that most small businesses does, when marketing your brand on Holidays you will be successful if your campaign is leveraged correctly. You can create a holiday marketing campaign with minimal expenses, you can create images for free online and you can market your business through different type of online sites such as your own website, your business blog, through your social media sites, you can use your old marketing tactics just add some creativity into it, If you want to deliver Christmas catalogs do so over PDF files or email, or even simple online presentation on Slideshare will do, as long as your presentation and promotions is unique and speak the language of Christmas spirit, you are from failure.


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