Creative social media marketing campaign for Christmas

With the Halloween is over most businesses already start their Holidays marketing campaign, where in the old days Christmas promotions don’t start until Black Friday is over, but since there are already lots of people setting aside budget for their Holidays shopping the marketers has taken this as a sign of preparation for Christmas marketing campaign .

A long, very long Christmas lists from consumers means revenue for small business like yours

Beautiful woman christmas shopping

People love to add a little fun to their holiday shopping which will make them enjoy their Christmas shopping, why not make them enjoy with you. Share their interest in the progress and give your potential consumers something to talk about and spread on their social network. What are the things you can share with them?

  1. Advent Calendar – Who are your target audience? Identify their needs and interest. No matter how old you are you always love presents and surprises. Consider creating an advent calendar contest, which you can add to your website, and make the consumers come back each day to your website to open their advent calendar, this is one trick to gain more traffic to your website during the month of Christmas. Think of creative ways to make your consumer enjoy visiting your website.
  2. Competitions – you can either create a contest related to the Christmas theme, you can add a little fun into shopping from your website that way.
  3. Social media campaign – release all your marketing campaign to your social media sites or you can create a different Christmas campaign or contest there to attract more shoppers to your website.

These are just few of the ideas for Christmas to be enjoyable for both you and your potential consumers. You can always search online for more ideas for your Christmas marketing campaign and contests.

Christmas marketing campaign ideas for your small business

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When you are planning your Christmas marketing campaign, do not forget that this is only a short term plan and you need to move on with your usual marketing plan as you have started. Although you can still use the same strategies for different event later on, but here are the basic of social media Christmas marketing strategies.

  1. Plan ahead and start early

Create a buzz around your brand and start planning early, when you want to have offline advertisement, this must be done before the month of December comes. Create also a marketing schedule for each marketing element, list every task and deadline and allocate time for web designers and printers if needed. Review your previous images from last year and see if you can redesign or rewrite the content so it will look like brand new to your customers.

  1. Promotional codes


If you have not thought about QR-codes before this is the perfect time to learn how QR codes work, because your printed flyers would be in vain if your web designer has not activated the code on your site. These codes can be used for your in-store, outdoor and printed publicity, a great time to link people to your website or social network for special offers.

  1. Free gifts and prize draw

You can be creative with your free gifts or prize draw, for example you can encourage the visitors or social networks to visit your website every day for an entry in the Christmas competition to win a prize or refer a friend and get free gifts. It is up to you, but remember Christmas is about giving so try to give back something to your loyal customers as well as to your new consumers as a welcome gift.

Christmas on Social media


If you are going to invest time and effort on your Christmas marketing campaign, social media sites is the place to promote your contests, promos and sales.

  • Christmas on Facebook

Give aways are great for your business exposure and a buzz around your products and services. Design your own product promotion and share it with your network on facebook. You can create an app on Facebook and run a contest or give away entries for your followers and use Sendible to automate questions on facebook where you can get your followers to engage. This will also give you a chance to gather data from your Facebook followers through fan gating or like gating. You can also use this later on for your email marketing campaign.

  • Christmas on Twitter

Bring people together by using or creating your won hashtag, people love to share their Christmas hints and tips and you might want to create a hashtag for relevant interest that your followers share, then on you can create content about their shared interest on your blog. Track then mentions on twitter by using Sendible’s monitoring feature.

Final tip

You need to monitor your marketing campaigns, to review which campaign you need to improve and which is the ones that gives the best result. Measure your ROI, which will enable you to track all your social media activities. Another thing to include on your marketing campaign is to make sure that your business is set up for customer review, these are important brand assets, you should also have to make sure that these are updated with new images and products linking back to your website with complete description of the product being reviewed.

Get your marketing plan for Christmas from Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting, and get free business cards with Christmas themes to share to your clients. 



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