New rules for content marketing for small business

Are you ready for the new algorithm, the world of social media, SEO and content marketing? While the importance of building a responsive web design still plays an important role in the marketing and branding world. Lots of companies are investing heavily on online visibility through paid advertisement, blog, press release and more. So the question is will your small business be able to cope with all the new trends online?

Brand awareness your target audience can identify


Think of your brand as the planet and your customers are the orbit and satellites. The path to social business is through empowering social owner. Here are some simple ways to build brand through content.

  1. Have a brand that your target audience will identify
  2. Treat your keywords as the main ingredient for your whole content
  3. Make your headlines very interesting
  4. Use the news
  5. Findability through hashtag
  6. Great content invite links so share
  7. Gather source
  8. Quantity still matters but do not win over quality
  9. Know your competitors
  10. Use your content to turn readers, followers and commenters into buyers

Content marketing increasingly stands alone as a media product


To advertise your small business, products and services, you have to put ad adjacent to a content piece. For example you can advertise your products and services through video advertisement or banners on your content piece.

Media oriented content comes with these 3 principles:

  1. Content marketing is not one way – Consider offline marketing such as on radio, TV and billboards, you cannot see the result unlike on the internet advertisements, you can analyze your content visibility through number of shares and later on through the number of successful sales.
  2. Interactions – User interacting on discussions about the content piece is a change on the content itself. It makes it more interesting and worth sharing
  3. Your goal is not to sell – readers are being sensitive these days, they reject contents that try to sell them products and service, they can smell promotional content far away. However if the consumers can recognize the content as a worthwhile media product they would be willing to share and promote the content.

Basic rules for Content marketing


  • Content as education

Consumers appreciate content that could educate them and give them product application tips and advice, it is not a new thing at all infomercial has been around for years they are called today DIY and HOW TO articles.

The best traditional educating content, is to educate the market on the best practice through today infographics and Youtube tutorial videos.

  • Content as Entertainment

As your target audience may be on their professional level on their lives, but even the President appreciates a funny and entertaining content and images. Entertainment based content is considered to be high production piece for marketers.

  • Content marketing as advocacy

Your content can also lead to helping others such as participating on charity and philanthropy in the most meaningful way.




Content marketing should be about building consumer trust, secondly brands should continue to build relationship with their target audience through relevant content. Investing in promotional and distribution of content is still important. Ensure that your promotional content is consumed by the right audience.


Sometimes a business might want to make a point by telling a story. Creative writing is not just for novels and short stories – it is also an effective tool for a business that wants to drive home an important point.
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