How online marketing drive sales to your small business

How online marketing drive sales to your small business

Online marketing is the key to get online and offline visibility for your small business, small to large business have a company page on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and other social networking platforms. Since the internet era and mobile technology advancement, lots of businesses have established their online presence to increase their sales and most of all their online credibility.

 First steps to get online visibility


1.       Social media and content marketing

Why it is important for small business to get online visibility first? Because78% of users conducts online product research before they purchase. Social media sites share over million products, services and small business location every day, This is the main reason why small business owners spend time on social media to promote their business rather than offline advertisements.

Here are some facts why social media and content marketing is important:

  • 77%  small business and large businesses acquired customers through Facebook, 43% through linkedin, 37% through twitter and 15% through Google profiles.
  • In the last 2 years there are increasing number of mobile users who access internet via their mobile devices to view or purchase online.
  • 72% of consumers have reported local businesses to their own social media network
  • 62% of online businesses outsource their online marketing, content marketing and social media marketing to get more leads, more sales and higher visibility.

2.       Content for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine are creating the most advanced and easiest way for users to use search engines which means that your keywords, tags and description as well as your online profiles are very very important for your small business. Search engine are also investing in original, unique and informative contents, therefore Google has upgraded their algorithm to Hummingbird to give the best mobile search experience for the ever growing mobile users.

What is the most effective content strategy for small businesses?


  • Web pages- 50% of marketers advised small to large businesses to have a website, designed to accommodate mobile users as well. Blog which can also be seen through mobile devices will also drive traffic to your website.
  • White papers – 40% of marketers cite White paper is very effective for your SEO
  • Social media – 27 million content are shared through social media, Bing uses Facebook likes to rank a website, Google uses +1 for ranking a certain profile, small business and business locations and content. AS fro twitter helps Google index content faster.
  • Links to content – Social media posts include links to content, 60% of content sharing specific to a company, products, services or brand.

Content converts search

According to Matt Cutts, head of Google spam team “try to make a site that is so fantastic, you become authority in your niche”


This means business branding should come from your content creation/blogging, because 50% of consumers will likely click on a search result if the brand or company name appears multiple times. This only indicates that you should build your business name online even more.


Forecast for SEO

  • 52% consumers says that major purchase decisions has been impacted by blogs
  • 57% small business owners have increased sales through or gained new customers through their blogs.
  • 42% of consumers look at blogs for info about certain products and services
  • 60% decision makers, branded content helped them better product decisions

Value of search Factor

  • Paid links/ paid advertisements
  • Ad: Content Ratio
  • Interaction
  • Content
  • Social signal



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