What you need to create a good content

Anyone can create content, but everyone can create content that will virally spread online and not all can create content that is valuable and informative. Blogging for business means more than just blogging, anyone can write a blog but it is not all that blogs to do it for business. When you have a small business content marketing efforts will revolve around it.

Share different types of content


The internet simply revolve around different types of content, content creation can form from visual content, textual, and aural content. It may also include other things which to be considered as secondary tools to share your content:

  • Images
  • Sounds (podcast)
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Infographic

High quality contents lead to:

  1. 1.       Backlinks
  2. 2.       Brand awareness
  3. 3.       Traffic
  4. 4.       Business connection
  5. 5.       Customer connection

Inspiration to create a good content


There are different kinds of content to create for your business blog, but it should be relevant to your niche. You can do a promotional article once a week but mostly you need to write content that can offer solutions to your target audience. Here are some basic tips to get inspired to write:

  1. Reading other blogs – reviewing your market and relevant blogs might get you inspired on what you want to write next, some also look at the clients problems and take the advantage of preparing a content that will give their client resolution.
  2. Keeping Journal – Keeping a journal or bookmarking blogs that seemed to catch your interest would also be a great start
  3. What is trending – you may want to relate your topic to what is trending today online and try to create something similar to the blog posts that is written within 24 hours.

Identify content category

Base your content around your category niche and knowledge, it will make it easier for you to connect with your audience and it will be easier for you to come up with a great topic to write.

Different type of contents

  • Q&A – you can add content based on the questions from your customers.
  • Quotes – quote other relevant paragraph and explain or differentiate.
  • How to’s – People love How to’s topic or DIY topic

Basic practice on content creation


  • Set a schedule for when you need to make the research for the new content you want to create, brainstorm topics until you find the one you will focus on. Schedule a time to research other relevant topics.
  • Be flexible, you do not need to have the right time to create the content you want, sometimes the ideas can come right out of the blue, you have to gather the needed resources so you can create the content. Do not miss out on this opportunity.
  • Treat keywords as your main key to be seen online, your keywords are important for your content creation make sure that you do a proper research and analysis on your keywords to use.
  • Use the news, the trending topic is important, be different yet related to what is virally discussed through internet
  • Content creation is all about getting back links, building trust and transparency. Make sure that you have links on your article that will push through your traffic
  • Keep your content simple
  • Make sure you use images to support your content and to make it more interesting for readers


Creating content is not enough; your content has to be exceptional and unique. Quality content is always rewarded with sharing and website traffic. Content marketing continues to be an essential tool for small business, and you need to be a part of this growth to achieve business success. Look at the statics to get more ideas

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