Get more customers and repurpose your content

Successful content marketing is creating valuable content to which your target audience find interesting and share to their social media accounts. It can be difficult most of the times to create shareable content few times a week and share your posts to your social media networks. Learn here how you can repurpose your content and get more time for other marketing campaign for your small business.

Key to repurposing your content


Repurposing content means that you can share similar posts to your social media accounts, this can be a time saver for you and beneficial for your small business as well.

  • Customer satisfaction – every customer responds differently to content, some consume the information easier, some are more visually attracted rather and some are scan readers which only focus on the highlighted text and image. You need to create a content that will satisfy these 3 types of readers.
  • SEO – Repurposing your content can also be healthy for your SEO, use different themes on your content to gain new website traffic.
  • Describe your products/service – write informative content but do not leave your own products and services behind, you can create a short message on your article about what your business can offer, make sure though that it is relevant to your article.


Develop your core ideaDevelop your core idea

Repurposing content could be in a form of product promotion, whereof you can add more information to the product description and more solution for your customers. Here are few steps to follow on how to repurpose your content.

  1. Choose one specific service or product that you want to promote to content, or you can use one specific problem that one of your clients encounter and how your products have been of help.
  2. Identify 5 to 10 topics, areas where you can write about with expertise or authority. Specify this topic for one group of audience for example Small business start up ideas for stay at home moms or Small business ideas for newly graduates. You get the idea. Choose a certain audience for your repurposed content.
  3. Create a series of blog posts – you can keep your readers interested if you have a content that clearly says read more next week for more info of the same topic, keep those readers coming for more information about one certain topic. Some has been successfully manage these types of content marketing strategies where indeed they got more subscribers to their blog.
  4. Ebook – create an ebook of summaries of your blog posts for the whole month. Keep it simpl;e and shareable
  5. Social media sharing – get a social media management tool/software such as  hootsuite, buffer, potling etc, to share your content to all your social media account without having to log in to the individual social media platforms.

Presentation with style

Imagine your post with visuals, which image fit to your post. Take each of you visual perspective.

Here are some tools where you can create stylish and professional presentations:

  1. PowerPoint
  2. SlideShare
  3. Animoto
  4. Prezi
  5. AuthorStream

Cross promotion is the key


Promote your repurposed content to your entire social media network through different versions of your content, from presentation, video, and screen shot presentation, ebook and many more. But you need to add value depending to each share for, depending on the social media channel you are using. For example on Pinterest, you can add a board there with images that is relevant to your blog post, on facebook you can create photo albums that is related to your blog posts and link to your blog for more info. Do not reveal too much on your social media, you need to get the people to click on the link to your blog for them to read more about the topic. Do the same for your other social media accounts, use content hashtags, attach image wherever you can.



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