Mind blowing tips for social media content

Content marketing is easier said than done, one of the most crucial aspects of content marketing is to have more than enough shares on social media. When publishing content, you set high hope that your content will be noticed throughout the internet, most especially on social media network. It is not as easy as it seems most of the times, generating buzz is difficult when content is not optimized and is not created with specific goals. You can check out these tips to get your content visibility higher.

What is important for your target audience?


Social media is for business branding and to tell people who you are and what your business is about, you build your business brand and connect with other business owners and target audience in your niche.

Unfortunately not everyone in your network is interested in your products or services, but they may be interested in results of your products and how it can affect or help them. If you can create a content to describe why your target audience should take notice of your products because of its benefits, you will then create a discussable topic.

To find out what is important for you target audience and their interest, you can monitor your audience through different kinds of tools, such as keyword on twitter, hashtags on facebook, repins from Pinterest and +1 on Goolg+ etc. If you dig enough to find out what topic is going viral on social media and try to compete with these popular topics, you then be able to create a content piece that is worth it for your target audience.

Your goals must be attainable


Of course when creating a content all you care about is that your piece will be shared throughout social media and click back to your website. But to compete with millions of content shares on social media can be really tough. Your goal is not to please everybody but to please your target audience with informative, useful, helpful tips to increase your traffic tremendously.

If you want to achieve all of the above, you need to create specific and attainable goals. See below for ideas:

  • Set a X number of mentions, retweets and followers in a week
  • Increase your facebook likes
  • Increase Newsletter subscribers
  • X number of content downloads and shares
  • X number of traffic from social media

As long as X is attainable and reasonable these goals will allow you to measure the success of your content

Make it easy to shareSocial Media_SAfile315-304

You will be surprised how many great content out there, that you would like to share but the blog owner has no sharing buttons, so you copy paste the URL to the social media network you want to share this content. Definitely time consuming, and people do not like to exceed that much effort just to share a content they read online. People are always looking for the easiest way out; it applies to content sharing as well. SO make sure to install social share buttons on your blog.

Writing a piece that gets shared

You cannot make a content piece go viral unless it is really interesting, in order to create a social media content, you have to start adjusting and generating attainable goals for your content marketing strategies. Content creation should be well planned and well researched, adding some facts, quotes and interesting survey results would make a piece more interesting. To spice up your content, illustrate your text with good graphic/images.



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