Focus your blog post to be shareable to social media

Social media marketing can be tricky for some small business owners, the social media marketing strategies are not the same for each small business and nor should they. You need to find your own successful way to create your own target network on social media. Some may be successful on Pinterest while you are successful on Google+ it really depends on how you share your content with your followers from every social media platform. These tips below are interesting enough to at least try once.

Make your posts all about you at the same not all about you


That’s confusing right? But running a small business it is important to recognize which people are more focused on your reputation and posts. Making your posts all about you makes you less interesting, therefore you should also share niche blogs and comment upon it, but share your blogs more.

It is important that you take time to look over your notifications, who retweeted and followed you, you 1+ you and so on, engage with them, thank them for the pin, retweet, repost etc. make jokes or be approachable, which will make other people think that you are indeed a cool person and so they have more trust on the products you share.

Tweet randomly, personal or business matter, tweet it, it makes you look more human. There is nothing wrong in scheduling your posts through social media management tools, but it is very important that you engage with your audience at least few times a day.

Can social media generate more traffic to your website?


The answer is definitely YES, if this is done correctly. Make you content visually interesting first of all, social media marketing needs strategy, great content and most of all a great and professional looking image to support your content.

If you focus your blog post to be shareable to social media platforms such as Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIN, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, you will generate traffic to your blog in no time. Consider these fundamentals first

  1. Focus on your followers – Do not forget why you joined social media in the first place, it is to create a network that might in time be your clients. Focus on keeping them interested in your posts. Keep your posts for everyone to share, when you share it on social media networks make sure that you post with great interest and share an informative content that will benefit your followers.
  2. Quality of what you post online – the old saying still does apply to your social media posts, quality over quantity! Same goes to your blog contents, take time to evaluate which posts are necessary to share to your audience. The content you share from your blog posts should always be about your audience and how it can be of great help for your audience.
  3. Make all your social media and blog posts visually interesting, create a blog post with attached image, purchased images are great but simple Google image might just work. This is for your Pinterest users, if you can’t put it in words show it.


Share your expertise through blogging and social media engagement; provide value to your posts. Be the expert of your niche, and do not hesitate to seek and give advice to other business owners in your niche. Be consistent when you build you brand online and offline, be the voice of your products, always be consistent and believe in your products. The key is to look at yourself in others eyes; will you represent your products? Are you a user of your products? Do you trust your own products? Are you willing to share advantages and disadvantages? Write all that to your blog and share it to your target audience.




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  2. […] Focus your blog post to be shareable to social media ( […]

  3. […] Focus your blog post to be shareable to social media […]

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