Blog share ability through visual contents

If you are not prepared to upgrade your content to visual content your will be left behind eating dusts by your competitors. Visual content will positively contribute to your marketing strategy; it will give you a boost and give your brand identity. Visual content attracts people and gives them a better understanding of your brand’s identity.

Understanding the power of visual content marketing


People love visuals, with the entire social media platform to share your daily photo you cannot look away from the opportunity to share your images to your audience. It is so viral that people only attracted to products with high quality and interesting visuals. Here are some simple yet creative ways to improve your content with visuals.

1.       Professional looking photos

With so much going on online, news, posts, new advertisements comes up every minute of people feeds. Email and even mobile phones, you need to take the risks of standing out from the crowd. Getting people’s attention by merely texts is not enough, you need to talk to a professional graphic designer or design an image yourself that can make your brand stand out from the rest. Rich content today does not mean only valuable and informative content, your content needs an image to illustrate your topic. With blogging expensive photos are not necessary, common images are usually just fine.

2.       Infographics for small business


Infographics are major part of content creation strategies, people love them and share them. Sometimes even when the infographic has low quality content and hard to understand, but yet with great images and graphics it is shared widely on the internet. Talk about value! Creating infographics is easy, sharing and getting recognized for your talent is hard. Make sure to share informative and useful topic for your target audience. It takes time to create an inforgraphic, you can hire professionals to create the high end infographic for your product launch, but for simple date visualization can be enough for blogging purpose.

3.       To see is to believe

One big reason for visual contents is that people are more attractive to visual effects. According to neuronal studies, our brains take up 30% of visual processing, this means visual chunks up a huge part of our brain and stay focus on images more than just plain texts. Humans process visual imagery faster and this is the kind of advantage marketers should allow themselves to swallow.

Wisely use the visual force


Social media is likely to be the place where visual force is at its most high, this means that we have a higher level of confidence in marketing your visual contents on social media to attract people to your blog site or business website. But keep in mind as long as the visuals support the article topic and the topic is relevant to your niche or target audience, you cannot fail.

Make your visual content shareable


The most effective ways to make your visual content shareable, is to make it easy for the readers to share your content and images on social media platforms with the given social media buttons. Adding share counts on these sharing buttons can make the reader realize your content is trending. Another way to make your visual content shareable is to add a comment box, where you enable Facebook comment log in or other social media account for comment features. Do not forget to add a pin button to your images, which will give the reader an easy access to pin your content.

Choose quality photos for your blog content


The images you choose to attach on your blog matters, google images are fine for simple blogging purpose, when people share your image it will automatically add your URL to the image such as on Pinterest. Just be careful with your image attribution, as this can be copy right from other bloggers. When in doubt purchase your image from websites such as Stock Photo.

Use your social media photo sharing options


Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and many other social media platforms enables you to share contents and most importantly images from a blog post, make sure to use these features and share with caution. Make sure to use the right option, for instance on Facebook, instead of the status bar option of image sharing, do the link sharing instead and it will pull out image available from the blog post and you can choose which image to attach with the link.

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  15. Useful blog, A content must have relevance and importance so that the society can use them. The body must relate to its title.

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