Must have marketing tools to increase your productivity Part 1

To deliver a great customer experience, you need to boost your engagement to assess their needs in real time. Generate more passionate customers through your content personalization, because passionate visitors are marketing team itself. Tools for customer segmentation and personalized contents with proper nurturing will maintain the customer relationship you are aiming for.

Your project management tool and collaboration


images (8)Let’s take a look at some management tools you need to consider.

Do you run a business that needs team and client collaboration? Here are some tools that are widely used online to collaborate projects between you, the team and the client.

Mavelink and Basecamp has been around for a while and has features that enable you to assign projects to your team , assign a deadline, track time of each tasks and project to project basis. Although Mavelink is a great tool to use, Basecamp posses cloud based management tool, where you can track your time and expenses. Although Mavelink is hard to get a hang of at first most marketers seem to like it once they got used to it. Trello on the other hand is mostly used for individual task and time tracking, which clients are not included to share these features.


Landing pages and SEO



When tracking the number of visitors on your website, and reviewing your page rank tools such as these 2 below are great to use along with other SEO tools online.

Optify is easy to use, if you are not at all SEO savvy, you can easily understand the reports Optify gives you about your website traffic, email campaigns and page views. Optify will be amazing for you if your tasks are tracking and generating leads for your clients. Where MOZ is another SEO tool which features easy navigation and gives you a visual layout of your keywords, rankings and traffic, for SEO companies MOZ is a great tool for their clients movement online.

Manage your files the easiest way



Organizing the files you receive from your clients and your own files at the same time can be overwhelming; therefore using online storage can assure you, your files are saved online and you can easily access your file anywhere.

These 2 file management tools are widely used, because the easy way to share your files, edit and storage capacity. Drop and Google drive are great if you have team members from different locations. For small business having both is convenient, for the files such as excel or spreadsheet real time tasks tracking the Google drive is great for such tasks.


Managing all your social media networks in one place

images (7)

To make it easier for you to handle all your social media sites you need to have social media management tools, where you can view all social media interactions on all your social media accounts all in one place.

Hootsuite is a great tool, when you have multiple social media accounts that you want to handle all at the same time, you can also use hootsuite for scheduling posts ahead of time. Hootsuite also offers, stream view, mentions and direct messages. What is really handy about hootsuite is that you can track your social media analytics reporting success on your marketing campaign on social media. Wherein Tweetdeck can manage limited social media network such as Facebook and Twitter, it does not integrate with other social media platform such as Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest. SproutSocial on the other hand works like Hootsuite but with 3 social media network just yet, LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter.



These are the few marketing tools that can help you manage your time efficiently with your marketing campaign. There are lots of other tools for marketers to use, those tools I will mention on the 2nd part of this article. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for more info about company marketing plan, strategies, small business ideas, social media marketing, internet marketing and more.



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